Acoustic Trio & Electric 5 pc. 

       Blues ~ Rockabilly ~ Country ~ Folk ~ Memphis ~ Rock

                                   Originals and Covers

We love this band! They are on our Event Calendar every single month. They are professional, easy to deal with, adjust their sound level to indoors and the patio, and they play great songs! I highly recommend them to anyone that is booking quality music in their venue! 

 ~Sarah Ver Hagen,  General Manager ( Viaggio Winery ) 

" This band is amazing! They pack my place every time they are here...they play both a quieter trio and a full band and they have a great selection of originals and covers that everyone just loves! They always put on a wonderful show. " 

~ Iva Walton,   ( Owner of Mei-Wah Beer Room ) 

“This is the best blues band I have heard live in many many years. I am not even close to done going to see them. They do a version of Statesboro Blues that has a similar vibe as Allman Brothers Band, but you would think it was before them in time - like a window into the American tradition that the Allman Brothers drew upon. Everybody in this band has something worth saying, they say it with heart, and they put in the hours to build the skills to make it work. The result is way more than the sum of the parts, and way worth getting yourself out to see them live.~ ” 

~ Paul Zeman , Lead Guitarist ( Unlicensed Therapy )

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